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NANAIMO, B.C. Personal Injury & ICBC Claims Disputes Lawyers

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Rose Keith, JD, experienced personal injury and plaintiffs only, ICBC injury claims  lawyer based in downtown Vancouver, and serves clients outisde click to her contact info

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Bruce Lemer, 30+ years experience in personal injury, medical malpractice and  consumer class actions  Click to articles section

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Manning & Kirkhope www.mannkirk.com, is an experienced personal injury litigation firm (dealing with injuries suffered from MVAs, Motor Vehicle Accidents).  We do not act for any insurance companies, so our clients can be assured that their rights are uppermost in our minds.

We work for the injured person, to ensure that they get the best settlement they are entitled to.

Manning & Kirkhope accepts files on a contingency fee basis, so that our clients do not need to pay anything during the conduct of the lawsuit. We pay for medical reports and some medical treatments as part of our work for our clients.

Contact Brian Kirkhope for an free consultation appointment to discuss your case.
Manning & Kirkhope, barristers & soicitors
430 Wentworth St.
Nanaimo, B.C.,  V9R 3E1
Phone:  (250) 753-6766

Geselbracht Brown
Will Geselbracht received his law degree from the University of British Columbia, and is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and Alberta.  He has a further diploma in Civil Law from the Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec, and did his undergraduate studies at Saint Mary's College in Moraga, California.

Will conducts a general practice of law with extensive Civil Litigation experience in the followng areas:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents [ICBC claims]
  • Contract Disputes
  • Builders Liens
  • Estates & Estate Litigation
  • Draftng Last Will and Testaments
  • Notarizations and Letters of Invitation for overseas clients and family

Will can currently assist clients in:  Spanish, French, Italian, German and Russian languages.

Geselbracht Brown, solicitors & notaries
Phone:  250-758-2825
#3 - 4488 Wellington Road
Nanaimo, B.C.,  V9T 2H3
Web site: www.gblaw.bc.ca


This firm has a number of lawyers experienced in "serious personal injury" including:
· Peter Giovando
· Chuck Blanaru
· Nicole Cederberg
· John Hutchinson
· Peter MacNeil
· Kathleen Sugiyama
· Jennifer Moir
see nanaimolaw.com/lawyers.html for individual lawyer's background profiles

200-1808 Bowen Road
Nanaimo, British Columbia
V9S 5W4
Phone:  (250)-753-2202
(toll free) 1-866-753-2202

Hertzberg, A. Peter Criminal Defense & Major Personal Injury - Trial Lawyer

"Impaired driving · Marihuana grow operations & All criminal and drug charges · conspiracies · Young offenders · Securities, banking & insurance appeals · Major Personal injury"

Hertzberg Law Offices
1687 Princess Royal Avenue
Nanaimo, BC
V9S 4A3
Phone:  250 753-1891


"Timothy only represents the wrongfully injured person. He never acts for insurance companies or ICBC. Some lawyers who represent the wrongfully injured person also represent ICBC. Be sure to ask them.

Understanding the medical issues and obtaining highly effective medical evidence has been a focus of Timothy’s.  .... If you hire Timothy you pay no fees unless you are successful and we cover the medical expenses unless otherwise agreed.

Timothy is always prepared to meet with clients who were wrongfully injured in motor vehicle accidents for a free 15 minute initial consultation." (quote fr. www.HuntsmanLaw.ca 2014.04.04)
ICBC Claims, Estate Law & Construction Law
301 Franklyn Street
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2X5
Tel:  (250)753-3477

Patrick McMurchy,

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Nanaimo, at our firm, the lawyer to consult for ICBC Personal Injury claims is Patrick McMurchy.

Patrick McMurchy has been representing injury victims since 1987.  Over that time he’s resolved more than 1,000 claims. Mr. McMurchy has been counsel in a number of landmark personal injury cases.

To schedule a free initial consultation with Patrick McMurchy please call 250-753-6435 or email: linda@islandlaw.ca.

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Patrick McMurchy
Mont & Walker Law Corp.
201 Selby Street,
Nanaimo, BC  V9R 2R2
Phone: (250) 753-6435
profile at: IslandLaw.ca...

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